I design, build, and test security systems. In my dissertation, I worked on a secure, open source, end-to-end publicly verifiable voting system called Scantegrity. This system allows each voter to verify that his or her ballot is counted with a privacy preserving receipt, and allows anyone to verify that ballots verified by the voters are counted properly. Using end-to-end verifiable voting systems can dramatically increase the security of elections, and I encourage you to learn more about it.

I have a broad array of practical experience and skills using, building, breaking, testing, and teaching computer systems. Most of my skill set falls under the title of security and cryptographic systems engineering, but my research is interdisciplinary and I have over 10 years of industry experience. I have experience, for example, analyzing, reviewing, designing, building, and maintaining secure software written in a number of different languages; reverse engineering; teaching specialized expert-level computer systems and security courses; writing cryptographic libraries; writing image processing and graphics manipulation routines; writing database backed enterprise level applications; writing web-based applications; conducting and analyzing user studies; writing proposals; and leading development teams (on time and under budget). Please contact me if you want me to work for you or join your research team.

For more information about me take a look at my projects or curriculum vitae.