Dr. Richard T. Carback III is currently the Vice President of Software Engineering at Elixxir and a key contributor to Flow Pharma's AI Team. He has led teams to build SaaS CVE scanner, novel crypto messaging and election systems, and embedded security tools.

Before joining Elixxir and Flow Pharma, Richard led the embedded systems security group at Charles Stark Draper Laboratories where he later spun out a startup, Lexumo, that provided the only automated service that continuously monitored IoT software platforms for the latest public vulnerabilities at that time. Before Draper, he was the Chief Scientist at Convergent Technologies, Inc, a contractor that provides highly qualified engineering, support, and consulting services to the government.

Dr. Carback is a UMBC Alumnus (CS PhD, 2010), where he worked in UMBC's Center for Information Security and Assurance with Alan Sherman on Scantegrity, a practical end-to-end voter verifiable election system. His research interests include using artificial intelligence for computer security and analysis of genomic data, cryptographic systems engineering, privacy enhancing technologies, and cryptology.

This site is an archive of my projects and publications. You can also use the contact form to contact me via e-mail.